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" Ya seemed concerned enough so I simply wanted to reassure you there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra luggage!

Some guys like girls who are thick ya know. So don’t sweat it. “ 

"I am not carrying any extra ‘luggage’. My weight and figure are perfect."

Send me a ╰☆╮ and…
  • 1st Person gets: A gentle hug
  • 2nd Person gets: A chaste kiss
  • 3rd Person gets: A romantic kiss
  • 4th Person gets: A night out
  • 5th Person gets: to see my muse naked
  • 6th Person gets: A heartfelt confession
  • 7th Person gets: To see my muse cry
  • 8th Person gets: Married to my muse for a week
  • 9th Person gets: Chained to my muse for three days
  • 10th Person gets: to kill my muse
Rip out my (Character’s) heart in one sentence.


Bonus points if it makes me cry.

Anyone want to thread?  

Just like this and I will contact you. Capping it at 3 + Saber who I have been meaning to do something with for some time now. 

" Ya look good and chunky enough to me, girlie! Gahaha, bet one can’t even notice if those thick hips gets any bigger! "

"Chunky? I assume that was some backwards compliment."

"I assure you, my hips are none of your, or anyone elses concern." 



"Now, now.  I ain’t lookin’ ta die.  Just lookin’ ta have a lil’ fun.  Red-chan, ya got ta know that my favorite things are cute reactions.  I figured a lil’ nibble would spark somethin’ aside a fist.  Kinda a backfire on my part.  I’m not lookin’ ta die… No.  I can’t die.  Not ‘til I see somethin’ through."

"I see. There are other ways you could have tried. I forgot that it is impossible to die in this place anyway. But hearing that you have something to live for, even for the moment, makes me glad."

Anonymous whispered: Don't you think the sweets are starting to cling onto your thighs lately?

"M-my thighs? Y-you mean…I look as though I am gaining weight?" 

Erza had always been confident in her looks, mostly because no one would ever dare imply that she looked anything but attractive from fear of her wrath. As far as she was concerned, she was the same size she had been for the past four years, but now she worried. 

Anonymous whispered: Did you mean Byakuya? Byakuran is from KHR...


Blah! Thank you for pointing it out. That’s what I get for rereading khr! Thank you, thank you!



"Y’know … It’s kinda surprisin’.  Maybe it’s cuz the pain ain’t much compared ta what I’ve already felt.  Dyin’ kinda takes a bit of sting off o’ pain ~"

"Is that what you were aiming for? If you wish to die so much, I suggest you find someone more willing to perform such an act." Forever taking everything he says seriously. 

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